Mistaken Identity – Part 3

As I wrote in Mistaken Identity – Part 1, there is a very good reason why we’re called human “beings” and not human “doings”. It’s because “being” precedes “doing”. What you do as an entrepreneur or occupation should be an extension or representation of who you are. Unfortunately, many people are running businesses or performing jobs that they were never meant to do. That’s one of the key reasons why so many people are dissatisfied with their lives. In effect, they are misappropriating too much of their talent, time, experience, and resources to a profession or occupation that does not align with their core identity.

So, how do you ensure that you know who you are – the person at the core of your being – outside of what you do? First, you have to be honest about whether or not you have a case of mistaken identity. Next, as I mentioned in Mistaken Identity – Part 2, you must perform a self-inventory to begin to truly understand who you are versus what you do. Once you have developed that list of personal traits and characteristics, you then can ask yourself the following questions:

1) Are you able to define yourself beyond the work that you do? When performing your self-inventory, was it challenging for you to think about yourself outside of your work environment? Of all your answers, what was the ratio of work related items versus the ones that were non-work related?

2) Are you working in your profession or running a business for the wrong reasons? Chasing only after money or fame is tiring and frustrating. If you’re in a business or job doing work that you wouldn’t do for free, then you’re probably doing the wrong thing. Also consider that when you’re working in something that you love to do, then it’s not really work.

3) Are you wearing a mask? Do you project an image to other people that is not the real you? This often is easy for businesspeople, because of the pressure to always present a professional image. Nevertheless, your professional image should be an extension of your core identity. If a person doesn’t know or like his/her core identity, then it’s easy to project a false image to other people to make them think that is the real you even though it’s not.

4) Are you caught up in “comparison-itis”? Do you spend too much time comparing what you have done to what others have accomplished? You can’t measure your success by what other people have accomplished. Stop spending more time focusing on the progress that others have made versus the time you spend charting your own course.

5) Are you living or working to please other people? You can’t live someone else’s life and you can’t be overly concerned with living up to someone else’s expectations. Other people’s expectations, especially when they’re unrealistic, add an unneeded burden on you that can be difficult to overcome. You don’t need to deal with that kind of stress.

6) Are you afraid of being different? Who you are is special and unique. Just because you think or do things differently doesn’t mean that you’re wrong. It just means that you’re different. Do what works for you, as long as you’re not hurting anyone else.

7) Finally, do you know what your life purpose is? What are you going to do with all the things that you uncovered in your self-inventory? In order to answer this question most effectively, you need to connect with God. It just makes sense that the inventor of something would know the most about the thing that he invented. He knows why He created you and He still has your instruction manual!

When a person is cured of the effects of a mistaken identity, they will have a much more fulfilling work/life experience. That’s because fulfillment happens when a person discovers who they are and then begins doing the things that align with their core identity. Pressure is relieved and potential is unleashed as people recognize and understand that what they are doing is an accurate representation of who they are.

If you want to thrive in business or in life, take the time to discover your core identity and then realign your work/life activities. You will be more than glad that you did.

Empowering Champions,

Paul Wilson, Jr.


About Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson, Jr. is a "Dream Catalyst" and Marketplace Pastor for leaders and entrepreneurs. He is driven to lead people to unleash God’s potential in their lives through their purpose, passions, and professional skills. He equips leaders with creative, faith-based strategies to flourish spiritually and professionally, while operating from several multi-media platforms, including TV show host, inspirational speaker, and stimulating writer. Paul is the President of Kingdom Business University, which utilizes workshops, consulting, and coaching services to ignite Christian catalysts maximize their God-given mission in the marketplace. He is the author of the life purpose igniter “Dream B.I.G. in 3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative God-Inspired Life!” He is also the host of Passion in Action, a motivational and educational faith-based Internet TV show for social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community change agents. Contact us today to learn more about how he can help your business, church, or community to thrive on purpose!

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