Too Much of a Good Thing

Rain is usually considered a good thing, especially if you have been in a long drought. However, over the past week in Atlanta we have received a ridiculous amount rain, which apparently is much more than this city’s infrastructure can handle at one time. We have experienced major flooding all over the city due to water overrunning the banks of creeks and rivers. The entire city is in disarray. The governor has declared a state of emergency. This rain, while needed and desired, has become too much of a good thing.

This situation makes me think of how sometimes too many “good” things in a short span of time can ruin a person’s life. This happens when an abundance of good things exceeds your capacity to handle them, just like the water has been exceeding the capacity of our city’s creek and river banks. Good things that overflow your capability to handle them can eventually present overwhelming circumstances in your life. Many people are destroyed by their own success, because their character wasn’t ready to support it.

I’ve heard it said that values are like the banks of a river, helping you to keep your life flowing in a positively powerful direction. However, when you don’t have values, your life spills all over the place, negatively impacting you and those connected to you.

You don’t have to wait to declare a state of emergency to fix something later that can be repaired now. The most appropriate time to strengthen your foundation is prior to building your dream. The best time to develop your character is before the success comes. The optimal time to solidify your integrity is while preparing for your big break.

Don’t just assume that you can handle the success that you want and expect. Remember, pride comes before the fall.

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

B.I.G. Dreams are coming to a mind near you very soon!

Young Lady Escaping the Flood Flooded Freeway in Downtown Atlanta

Badly Damaged Road Due to Flooding in Metro Atlanta



About Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson, Jr. is a "Dream Catalyst" and Marketplace Pastor for leaders and entrepreneurs. He is driven to lead people to unleash God’s potential in their lives through their purpose, passions, and professional skills. He equips leaders with creative, faith-based strategies to flourish spiritually and professionally, while operating from several multi-media platforms, including TV show host, inspirational speaker, and stimulating writer. Paul is the President of Kingdom Business University, which utilizes workshops, consulting, and coaching services to ignite Christian catalysts maximize their God-given mission in the marketplace. He is the author of the life purpose igniter “Dream B.I.G. in 3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative God-Inspired Life!” He is also the host of Passion in Action, a motivational and educational faith-based Internet TV show for social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community change agents. Contact us today to learn more about how he can help your business, church, or community to thrive on purpose!

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