Idol Dreams vs Idle Dreams – Part 2

“The greatest adversary of love to God is not his enemies but His gifts.” ~ John Piper, A Hunger for God

Dangers of “Idol Dreams”

Yesterday I wrote about the Detriments of Idle Dreams. Today I will discuss the dangers of idol dreams, which is when you begin to love the gift of the dream more than the Giver of the dream. Your devotion to your dream becomes idol worship when you take the focus off Him and put it on you.

This can easily happen when you develop an unhealthy appetite for ambition and accomplishment. The pursuit of  your ambitions overwhelms your desire to positively impact people’s lives. You focus all of your time, attention, and efforts on achieving your goals, and willingly compromising everything to get there. You forget that if God originated the dream, the outcome is for His ultimate purposes not yours.

Here are a few reminders to keep your dreams in perspective and understand that a truly fulfilling “dream life” is focused on pleasing Him…

  • If God was the originator of your dream, don’t take credit for something you weren’t responsible for. If God was NOT the originator, you shouldn’t be trying to do it.
  • If your dream is God-inspired, it’s all for His glory anyway – not yours.
  • Although God has placed the potential for greatness inside you, you will never reach it if you don’t depend on Him to empower and lead you.
  • Pride comes before a fall. God detests arrogance, but gives His grace to the humble.
  • If your dream is God-inspired, it will be thriving, transcendent, treasured, and transformational.
  • If your dream is you-inspired, even with the best intentions it will still be flawed, fallible, fleeting, and finite.
  • Let your desire for a significant life exceed your desire for a successful life.

Don’t allow the pursuit of your dream to become idol worship. To learn more about how to keep your dreams in the proper perspective, join me at the Dream B.I.G. in 3D Live! Workshop on Saturday, April 17 in Marietta, GA. Click here to learn more.

What do you think about this topic? Is it possible to be obsessed with your dreams to the point of idol worship?

Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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About Paul Wilson Jr.
Paul Wilson, Jr. is a "Dream Catalyst" and Marketplace Pastor for leaders and entrepreneurs. He is driven to lead people to unleash God’s potential in their lives through their purpose, passions, and professional skills. He equips leaders with creative, faith-based strategies to flourish spiritually and professionally, while operating from several multi-media platforms, including TV show host, inspirational speaker, and stimulating writer. Paul is the President of Kingdom Business University, which utilizes workshops, consulting, and coaching services to ignite Christian catalysts maximize their God-given mission in the marketplace. He is the author of the life purpose igniter “Dream B.I.G. in 3D: How to Pursue a Bold, Innovative God-Inspired Life!” He is also the host of Passion in Action, a motivational and educational faith-based Internet TV show for social entrepreneurs, business leaders, and community change agents. Contact us today to learn more about how he can help your business, church, or community to thrive on purpose!

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