Kingdom Business U.

Equipping Christians to Thrive in the Marketplace

Business is a strategic tool to exercise  the dominion mandate God gave to Adam (Genesis 1:28). Fortunately, the walls between the “sacred” and “secular” are being torn down so that more Christians are realizing the significance of their calling outside the four walls of the church – in the marketplace. I help pastors and church leaders equip their congregations to advance God’s kingdom Monday through Saturday.

I am passionate about leading people to unleash God’s power and potential in every area of life – spiritually, personally, and  professionally. My style is a highly inspirational, thought-provoking,  practical, Spirit-filled preaching to those who need to be equipped, motivated, and mobilized into the call of God for their daily lives. I deliver these much needed messages through various mediums, including sermons, conferences, workshops, and seminars, and online webinars.

I partner with businesses, churches, and community groups to equip people for maximum impact, influence, and effectiveness Monday through Saturday. I provide workshops and training sessions that lead people to activate their gifts, find their niche, and build God’s Kingdom through business.

The church is a great fertile ground to develop CEOs, i.e. “Creators of Economic Opportunity.” Great riches can be found in the buried treasures and hidden wealth of church attenders who have not yet been ignited to unlock their God-given talents and potential. I partner with companies, churches, and non-profits to develop business discipleship programs, specifically related to entrepreneurship, employment, and leadership development.

Please contact me today to learn more about my speaking and training offerings that will benefit your church, conference, non-profit, youth group, etc.

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