O.A.S.I.S. in the Desert

In certain seasons of our lives we find ourselves in a desert, which are dry, unfruitful places as it relates to our viability, productivity, creativity, or sustainability. These dry places leave us unfulfilled, frustrated, and longing for better days.

During these seasons, many people look to God to rescue them from their emotional, mental, financial, or creative desert. The reality is that God wants to teach us important lessons in the desert before He brings us out. However, He doesn’t just leave us there without any remedies for our current state. He provides us an O.A.S.I.S. to renew our strength and refresh our souls, so that we can keep moving on our journey.

Enjoy this encouraging video message about finding your O.A.S.I.S. in the middle of your deserts.

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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