Tackle the Temptation of Fear

Fear can be a deadly temptation… because it is the silent killer of dreams. Unfortunately the silent fear within our minds is the most dangerous.

Silent fear disguised as negativity is like a confidence cancer that slowly devours a person’s creativity and productivity. It starts off innocently enough as little concerns, but then grows to doubts, worry, anxiety, apprehension, paralysis, and finally creative/emotional/mental death of the aspiration. Sadly, as the dream dies the person is no longer in position to reach their potential.

This doesn’t have to be you. Watch this video to learn 4 crucial steps to conquer F.E.A.R. in your life…

Make sure the voice of your faith is louder than the voice of your fears. Don’t allow yourself to be bound to the incarceration of anxiety. Break free from the dream killer to achieve all that God has purposed for you.

Need help tackling the temptation of fear? Click here to learn more.

What did  you think about the video? What do you do to conquer your fears?

Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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Faith Fuels the Fight for Your Dreams!

“Fight the good fight of faith…” ~ 1 Timothy 6:12

Faith is essential to achieving your dreams. Faith doesn’t grow on it’s own. It grows when it’s challenged. The greatest challenge to your faith is fear. You must learn how to fight your fears with faith. Here are a few faith concepts to get you swinging in the right direction…

  • Faith gives life to the invisible, impossible, and improbable.
  • Faith transforms the ‘could happen‘ into the ‘did happen‘.
  • Faith changes your possibilities into realities.
  • Faith empowers you to find a way or make a way.
  • Faith propels your pursuits, but fear paralyzes your passion.
  • Faith ignites your imagination, but fear immobilizes your initiative.
  • Faith causes you to fight, but fear causes you to falter.
  • Faith frees your mind to focus on fantastic feats instead of futility and failure.

The best source of faith is from God. He has given each of us a measure of faith. Therefore, we’ve already been equipped with what we need to overcome every fear.

Never back down to your fears. Keep fighting for your dreams with your faith!

Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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