Idea Incubators Change the World!

What do you do with the ideas that come to your mind? Do you discard them or do you develop them? Do you dismiss them as random thoughts or pursue them to see how far they could go?

One common link between people who have had a significant impact on the world is they took simple concepts and then enhanced and expanded them. Whether in technology, law, civil rights, media, education, sports, and many other areas, world changers are idea incubators.

Idea incubators take simple ideas and then nurture, develop, enhance, and expand them into incredible realities that have a profound impact on people, communities, and nations. They don’t just conceive great ideas, they execute them!

Ideas are plentiful, but idea incubators are not. You will never maximize your potential and fulfill your purpose if you don’t learn to develop the ideas that you receive.

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Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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