Chasing Gold & Rainbows

rainbow-pot-of-goldI don’t really celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. I don’t have anything against it, I just don’t get excited about it. However, as I thought about this holiday I had a few musings about some of the symbolism associated with it.

Of course the prevalent images that are most often associated with March 17th are leprechauns, clovers, rainbows, and pots of gold. In this post I will only touch on the latter two.

Although these are symbols of a fun holiday for many people, unfortunately they are also symbolic of how many people in our society live. They spend inordinate amounts of time chasing after rainbows and pots of gold. Let me explain.

Scientifically speaking, rainbows are a multicolored optical and meteorological phenomenon. They are beautiful, but lack substance and don’t last very long. Once the atmospheric conditions change, the rainbow disappears.

As for the pot of gold that’s supposed to reside at the end of the rainbow, most rational people accept that as just part of a fairy tale and that it doesn’t really exist.

As transient and unrealistic as these symbols are, it’s sad that so many people get caught up chasing things that have minimal substance, short-term benefits, and unfulfilling rewards. I would liken rainbows and gold to money, fame, status, power, and other similar targets of shallow life pursuits.

Many people are looking for a fake pot of gold at the end of a temporary rainbow. It’s too bad they forget the real treasures of life are found in their faith, family, and friends. Don’t overlook these valuable treasures in search of fleeting flash. What’s most valuable and needed is often right around you.

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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Team Hoyt: Thriving Commitment

“Super Thrive Week” Series

The story of Team Hoyt was so widespread last year that the lessons extracted from this video are undeniable (although those lessons probably haven’t been applied as much as they have been admired). It’s a powerful testament to the commitment of a father to his son. He has sacrificed his own life to give his son the most adventurous and meaningful life possible.

One reason this story was so popular is that this level of self-sacrifice is rarely seen in our society today. Also, the fact that a sport was one of the key elements within this story allowed a lot of people to easily connect with it.

For someone to say, “I will die for you,” often carries with it the thought of a one-time, in-the-moment act of heroism. Usually firefighters, police officers, or soldiers come to mind. On the other hand, for someone to say, “I will live for you,” means that moment by moment and day by day decisions must be made with that other person in mind. To give up one’s life for another in death is no small feat. Unfortunately, what we often overlook and undervalue are those who commit themselves to improving the lives of  others on a daily basis. The truth is to commit one’s life to another day by day is no small feat either.

We need more everyday heroes – those who are living for the benefit of another – whether that person is a family member, friend, neighbor, or even someone who won’t be born until the next generation.

It’s powerfully enlightening that Dick Hoyt found a new life when he decided to sacrificially invest his life into his son. Who are you going to invest your life into?

Thrive on Purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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Mistaken Identity – Part 2

Last week, part 1 of my article “Mistaken Identity” was posted on the Real Men of God Network web site. “Mistaken Identity – Part 2” is now posted online for your question-guyreading pleasure. Here’s an excerpt:

“Entrepreneurs are often told that in order to grow their businesses, they need to spend more time working “on” their business versus working “in” their business. I agree with this, but a more important piece of advice is often overlooked or undervalued. That advice would be that we need to spend more time working “on” ourselves. If an entrepreneur spends quality time working on themselves, they will be that much more effective working on and in their business.

The first step to working on oneself is discovering who you are, so that you can determine what you need to work on and develop. How do you figure out who that person is at the core of your existence? I mentioned in my previous posting – Mistaken Identity Part 1 – that many people don’t perform a self-inventory, although they inventory their businesses.” Continue reading…

Mistaken Identity – Part 3” will post on Monday, January 19th.

Live Your Adventure,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


Mobilizing Men for Impact

Stance 2009 Coming Soon!

Stance 2009 Coming Soon!

I am excited to be part of the birth of an incredible nationwide organization launching this year, called “Real Men of God”. This organization is designed to offer tools to men who genuinely want BETTER lives for themselves and others around them and are prepared to take a stand and be an example to men across the globe. Our movement and interactive website targets good men who are interested in increasing their individual relationships with Christ, their communities, their finances, their marriages, their friendships, their careers and their way of thinking.

We are in the early stages of development and launching a membership drive beginning the week of January 5, 2009. In order to help us, we are looking for good men to be profiled on the homepage of our site. We will send you a complimentary Real Man of God Lapel Pin just for helping us in the beginning.

If the Real Men of God Network is new to you, please visit the following sites to find out more of what we’re about:

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Paul Wilson, Jr.