Redeeming Capitalism

My latest article in Brotha Online Magazine, entitled “Redeeming Capitalism” is now available. Here is an excerpt…

For many people it is easy to blame capitalism for our current economic environment. The truth is capitalism is not evil and it’s not what caused this economic crisis. What caused this financial mess are the people who immorally and unethically used the free enterprise system for their own benefit without regard for who they would get hurt in the process. So don’t blame the system. Blame those who hijacked the system for their own devious pleasures.

Admittedly, capitalism is not a perfect economic system. However, even with all of its flaws, this competitive market system provides many benefits to those in our society. It creates an environment for innovation, productivity, creative expression, price/cost competition, collaborative solutions, and resource multiplication and distribution.

Unfortunately, like with most things in our society, people have taken something that can be used for good and used it for their own selfish vices. Misuse and abuse driven by greed has turned what should be used for constructive purposes into something destructive.

Moderation is something humans don’t do well without divine intervention. Over-indulgence is something we more easily gravitate towards. Fortunately there is hope for us. I believe capitalism can be redeemed by those with a Biblical worldview and a willingness to do business God’s way.

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