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Some of you may know that I have another blog,, where I focus more on subjects related to entrepreneurship, small business, economic development, and related topics. I am passionate about equipping entrepreneurs to prosperously live their purpose through business.

For a while I had stopped writing business-related articles, but recently I’ve had the urge to start writing them again due to the incredible changes that are happening to the workforce. Of course we hear about the high unemployment rates, but there are increasingly greater numbers of underemployed, involuntary entrepreneurs, and permatemps – those part of the “contingent workforce” that corporations are increasingly hiring to get the work done without having to pay benefits, vacation, sick leave or match 401(k) contributions (great New York Times article about this).

Unfortunately, many of these people don’t have the tools to succeed as entrepreneurs because they haven’t had prior training or development on how to successfully operate a business. I provide inspirational and practical resource for voluntary and involuntary entrepreneurs. Here are a few articles I’ve posted recently concerning “entrepreneuring on purpose” (click the links below to view the articles):

  1. How to be a Full-Time Employee, Part-Time Entrepreneur with a Million Dollar Brand
  2. Marketing Like a Farmer
  3. Skip the Recession (free e-book)
  4. 3R’s to Beat the Recession

If you are considering a jump to entrepreneurship or just planning ahead, check out these articles and forward them to those you know who may be considering (or enduring) the same transition.

Have you been downsized recently? Are you considering entrepreneurship as a new career path?

Thrive on Purpose,

Paul Wilson, Jr.


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Create Your Personal Enterprise

In yesterday’s post I wrote about the growing trend of corporations hiring more “permatemps” versus full-time employees. Over the next decade as corporations increasingly move further in this direction, greater numbers of people will be engaged in entrepreneurial pursuits — by choice or circumstance.

It’s time for you to shift your focus on how you view yourself and your employment. YOU are a personal enterprise. YOU are a business owner. The business you own is YOU! YOU, Inc. is the most valuable enterprise that you could work for. Your product/service is the unique and innovative combination of your talents, knowledge, experience, education, skills, ideas, creativity, relationships, networks, etc. Now is the time for you to start managing your career like a business owner, not just a “permatemp” at the mercy of companies’ quarterly earnings reports.

For some this equates to starting a business. For others this means approaching your job search (and performance) more entrepreneurially. Either way, it’s time to reformulate your expectations about your participation in the workforce — either as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Many of you may be saying, “I have no idea how to create my YOU, Inc.” Fortunately, I’m here to help you. I’m passionate about moving people to thrive professionally, purposefully, and profitably.
Contact me today for some ideas on how you can create your personal enterprise.

Thrive on Purpose,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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You’re a Business Owner Whether You Know It or Not

Have you heard the term “permatemp”? It describes people who seem to be caught in a never-ending cycle of temp jobs, unable to secure full-time status. As you may have noticed, even as the economy recovers from this recession, companies are still not hiring full-time workers. Many are using this permatemp approach to keep people in limbo as temporary workers, while not having to pay them full-time salaries or benefits. posted an enlightening article recently, “We’re All Business Owners Now“, documenting companies’ shift from “relying on full-time employees to a contingent workforce of temps, freelancers, contractors, and part-timers. Not just in low-skill jobs or easily outsourced tasks, either.

Even as the economy “recovers”, this trend is going to continue. So whether you’re currently employed, unemployed, or underemployed, you have to decide if you want to be another victim of corporations’ short-sighted, penny-pinching ways, where disposing of workers is even easier now than it used to be… or if you want to proactively position yourself as the owner of your “personal enterprise”.

Don’t wait to be a victim. You can use entrepreneurial strategies to find a more meaningful and profitable career path. I’ll talk about this more in my next post.

Thrive on purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

Dream again in 2010!

Also, check out this related video, “The Disposable Worker“, focusing on the challenges of the unemployed being able to return to profitable, long-term full-time work…

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