Helping a “Lost Generation” Find Direction

Recently, Businessweek wrote an article, “Lost Generation“, that lamented the negative and potential long-term impact of the current job crisis on youth and young adults. According to the article in the U.S., “the unemployment rate for 16- to 24-year-olds has climbed to more than 18%, from 13% a year ago.” Wow! That number staggering.

As I digested the article, one of the first thoughts I had was how do we better prepare this generation to succeed in this economy? How do we stimulate personal economies at a time when the national economy is still stagnant?

I don’t believe the job situation is ever going back to the good ol’ days of 4%-5% unemployment (and if it does it will take an extremely long time). We need to stop focusing on the skills of yesteryear and shift our focus to equipping youth and young adults with the necessary skills to thrive in this new “entrepreneurial economy”.

I’m excited to be partnered with Top Flight Global Resources and Extraordinary Life Community Church to offer the Fly High Business Seminar on November 7th, 2009 in Conyers, GA. Click here for registration details.

You don’t want to miss this strategic opportunity to reposition your perspective, passions, and professional skills to thrive in the entrepreneurial economy. I’ll see you there!

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

Transform your dream from an idea into a purposeful, passionate, & prosperous life!


re:Position Recap

reposition-2009-logo-3I am very pleased to announce that the first re:Position Life Transition Summit on May 2, 2009, was a resounding success! The engagement, energy, and enthusiasm from the participants was incredible. We received some great feedback that will help us amp up the intensity and impact even more for next time. I can’t wait to do it again!

Here’s some quick highlights of what was presented:

  • Identify your identity. Find your “Be.”
  • Get comfortable with change. Revel in it.
  • Exponential opportunities become evident when you use your vision versus your eyesight.
  • See the opportunities behind added responsibilities.
  • Discover your T.H.R.I.V.E.
  • You, Inc. – start thinking entrepreneurially about everything including your personal development.
  • Strategically align your T.H.R.I.V.E. with current and future opportunities that may seem imprecise, insignificant or unattractive.

I can’t tell you everything that happened, but here’s some of the feedback:

  • “Paul Wilson was very passionate, knowledgeable and encouraging.”
  • “I enjoyed learning about T.H.R.I.V.E. Everything in the

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  • “I will be able to strategically plan so that I can take more risks based on my THRIVE.”
  • “Impactful information. Motivating. Relevant and timely.”
  • “It was direct to the point, but yet very enjoyable.”
  • “Timely information… Thought provoking questions.”
  • “[I will] apply the principles daily to my personal and professional life.”
  • “[I will] take action on obtaining a career in what I’m passionate about.”
  • “I will become more positive and purposeful in pursuing my dreams.”

Stay tuned, there will be plenty more events like this in the near future!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

B.I.G. Dreams are coming to a mind near you very soon!


re:Position Your Love

reposition-heartLast night I co-facilitated a training workshop that focused on helping people to understand how they could influence almost anyone – not from a position of power, but from a position of genuine love. It was an incredible learning experience for the both the attendees and facilitators.

Prior to being invited to help teach this workshop, I had not considered love as a “strategy” to influence people. Of course I knew the importance of loving people, but I’m not sure if I ever looked at the benefit of loving people as an intentional “tactic” to increase my influence in a positive manner.

I believe this concept has a lot of potential, especially for those who have a desire to utilize their talents, skills, resources, knowledge and experience in profitable and creative ways that benefit others.

When you examine it, though, there is really nothing new about this concept. An ancient Hebrew rabbi – I think his name was Jesus – demonstrated that amazing things can be accomplished with a lot of love and a few followers. Over 2000 years later, we are still benefiting and learning from his example of love-leveraged influence.

This weekend I will be presenting my re:Position Life Transition Summit (click here for details). After last night’s session, I had to ask myself, do I really “love” the people that are coming, or are they just attendees/customers? Am I creating something that’s in their best interest or in mine? Who is going to benefit the most from our time together, them or me?

Since I asked myself these questions, I can’t let you off the hook. Do you love the people you want to influence? Or are you trying to influence them for your personal benefit? Do you have opportunities to help people that you ignore? Who can benefit from your giftedness that you might be overlooking?

Due to our economic challenges, widespread poverty, pandemic diseases, rampant corruption, low societal morale and other on-going life issues each of us has an incredible opportunity to demonstrate love to people in our own unique and creative ways. People are waiting to be loved genuinely and unconditionally.

Don’t use this season of your life just to focus on just yourself. Somebody needs your smile, hug, encouragement, talent, resources, knowledge, ideas or time. As an added benefit, your network of opportunities and resources has a chance to grow exponentially when you choose to serve and assist people in their time of need.

I hope you’re willing to re:Position your love. If so, your return on investment will be invaluable!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Summit facilitated by Paul Wilson, Jr.
“Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA



re:Position Your Passions

Passionate pursuit

re:Position runnerI was invited to do a radio interview this past Saturday on a college campus in metropolitan Atlanta. This was an incredible opportunity, especially with my book coming out in a few weeks. I was supposed to arrive 30 minutes before I was to go on the air  so I could get settled, meet the show’s host, etc. I was about 10 minutes late (not a good first impression) as I arrived at an off-campus building where I thought the radio station was (I misread the directions – not good either).

I walked inside the building and started looking for the radio station. I asked a couple of people who had no idea what I was talking about. I then realized I was in the wrong building. I was more than a half mile away from the other building and across a freeway overpass. That wouldn’t have been that big of a deal (other than the fact I was late) if my wife hadn’t dropped me off and then left! I frantically tried to call her cell, but she couldn’t hear it because it was on vibrate mode in her purse. Ugh!

At that point I had a choice to make. Either I could: 1) call the station to reschedule the interview, or 2) try to walk/run to the other building in my suit, dress shoes, and laptop bag hanging off my shoulder. What would you have done? I decided to make a run for it.

I’m a little bit in shape, but I wasn’t in shape enough for that gauntlet. I walked and ran and huffed and puffed over the freeway overpass, through a couple of intersections, past soccer fields, and up the hill to the building I was supposed to be at originally. I made it there just in time to catch my breath, wipe off the sweat, get something to drink, and quickly gather my thoughts before my segment came up. WHEW!

How bad do you want it?

You may be thinking, “Interesting story, but how does it relate to the title of this blog?” I’m glad you asked!

People often confuse passion with excitement. Passion is much more than excitement. Real passion involves a deep commitment to your goal no matter what difficulties, challenges, obstacles, ridicule and suffering you have to endure.

re:Positioning your passion means your personal well-being becomes secondary to the pursuit of a significant cause – whatever that is for you. Truly passionate people have an unselfish, focused determination to achieve their goal no matter what it might cost them personally.

You see, I wasn’t excited about having to run that far to get to the radio station, but I was purposefully committed to my goal to the point I was willing to overcome my obstacles of distance, lack of transportation, very little time, and the wrong clothes for running. Even if I wouldn’t have made it on time, I still had to try.

So what cause are you passionate about that you’re willing to endure pain and inconvenience to see it accomplished? Are the things you say you’re passionate about really more of a reflection of your excitement or maybe only heightened interest? A key to answering these questions is finding something to believe in that has a purpose or significance that’s bigger than your personal desires; something that could impact thousands or even millions of people.

One reason I was willing to make that trek was because I believe the legacy I’m building through writing, coaching, teaching, and motivating people will outlast my lifetime. I didn’t want to miss a strategic opportunity that would assist me in accomplishing my life purpose to be a transformational catalyst in others’ lives.

What about you? What significant cause have you passionately committed your life to that will last past your lifetime? In what ways can you re:Position your passions?

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Summit facilitated by Paul Wilson, Jr.
“Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA


re:Position Your Perspective

reposition-faceAre you an optimist or a pessimist? Are you a glass-half-full or glass-half-empty kind of person? Are you flexible or fragile?

Life doesn’t always go as you plan or expect. Get used to it. Regardless of what happens in your life, you always have the choice of how you will respond to it. Sometimes that choice is easier than other times.

I’m sure that most of the nearly 4 million people that have gotten fired over the past 15 months didn’t expect to get fired. Nevertheless, getting fired could be the best thing for many of these people, especially if they take this opportunity to rediscover their identity, reaffirm their purpose, and rechart a course that is more in line with their passions.

“A pessimist makes difficulties of his opportunities, while an optimist makes opportunities of his difficulties.” ~ Harry Truman

To re:Position your perspective means to assess your current situation in relation to the external environment and then adjust your mental/emotional focus in order to take advantage of opportunities that are not obvious to pessimists. This attitude compels you to be more creative, more resourceful, more clever, and more enterprising than other people are willing to be right now. This mindset also enables you to see diamonds where others only see dirt.

re:Positioning goes beyond just making lemonade out of lemons. It’s applying your creative abilities to the lemonade and then strategically positioning yourself in the marketplace so that you can become the most unique, dynamic and valuable lemonade enterprise that ever existed – in spite of what’s happening in the economy right now!

Here’s some ideas to help get you started down the path to re:Position your perspective:

  • Do “it” differently than what you planned before (whatever your “it” is)…
  • Partner with people that you hadn’t considered before…
  • Pursue a career path that didn’t exist years ago…
  • Leverage technology that didn’t exist years ago…
  • Study a subject that you didn’t care about before…
  • Be more flexible than before…
  • Be more imaginative than before…
  • Merge different ideas together…
  • Have a long-term perspective…

Life doesn’t end with an unexpected setback. Life doesn’t end with a job loss. Life doesn’t end with a failed business.

Today is the start of a new beginning. Learn from your losses. Build from your blunders. Mature from your mistakes. re:Position!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Summit facilitated by Paul Wilson, Jr.
“Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA

*Early bird registration ends April 18th:


re:Position Your Aspirations

reposition-dream-green1When we were little kids, most of us had incredible dreams, desires, and aspirations of what we wanted to be/do when we grew up. As a young dreamer, nothing was too impossible or too incredible or too amazing to achieve. What happened?!?!

Why is it that you have put your aspirations on hold? Why did you allow yourself to become a victim (or perpetrator) of your dream’s demise? Why did you forsake the pursuits that would have allowed your passions to be tightly knitted into the fabric of your everyday life?

Contrary to what you may have grown to believe, you don’t have to give up on your dream. It’s not too late to start dreaming again. You just need to “re:Position” your dream.

re:Positioning your dream prompts you to strategically leverage your accumulated knowledge, skills, experiences, and relationships to take advantage of societal changes (social, economic, cultural, technological, etc.), so that you can flourish now and in the future.

The upcoming re:Position Summit on May 2, 2009, will equip you with the tools you need to re:Position your aspirations (Registration:

Stop thinking that dreaming is just for children – instead wake up your inner child! Don’t give up on your aspirations. Just re:Position them!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

re:Position Summit facilitated by Paul Wilson, Jr.
“Shift your life from striving to THRIVING!
~ Learn how to flourish in any economic environment ~
Saturday, May 2, 2009
Alpharetta, GA

*Early bird registration until April 18th:


Why You Need to re:Position


May 2, 2009

Alpharetta, GA

“Shift Your Life from striving to THRIVING!”
This current economic environment caught many people off guard. There’s no doubt that it’s been financially devastating for millions of people. However, what’s been largely overlooked and underestimated is the millions of people whose identities have also been bankrupted, because they associated their self-worth with their net worth. Sadly, the jobs and wealth they accumulated through their career and business pursuits also became the source of their personal value, faith and happiness.

The other critical development is that America’s economic landscape will never look the same. Consequently, the career landscape has also changed forever. Many of the career paths that were prevalent before the recession, will not exist after we recover. Entrepreneurship, which before was a nicety, is now a necessity as a viable career path option. However, I’m not talking about greed-driven businesses. I’m talking about businesses that align and are driven by the entrepreneur’s life purpose and are profitable both financially and socially (click here to learn more about “mission-driven entrepreneurship).

“From Recession to Progression!”
Most of the financial pundits spend all their time talking about how someone can recover their bank funds. Yet, how do you teach someone how to recover their identity? How do you help some “recreate” their career path because their industry is being outsourced to another country? The answer is to help them re:Position, shifting their life from striving to THRIVING!

re:Position is a life transition summit, providing you with a strategic approach on how to flourish in this current and future economic environments. Our goal is to equip, enrich, and empower you with motivational instruction and stimulating exercises that will position you for lasting prosperity in your career, business, and life. We will help you to:

~ re:Discover your true identity!
~ re:Purpose your direction in life!
~ re:Charge your passion for life!
~ re:Chart a new course for your career!
~ re:Ignite your ability to conquer your economic giants!
~ re:Generate a healthy understanding of personal wealth and prosperity!

There is no reason you have to wait until the economy recovers to start thriving. This summit will give you a fresh perspective through which to view your current and future life path. Are you ready to re:Position your life and career? Let’s go!

*Register for tickets here:

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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Dare to be Uncommon!

In celebration of my three year entrepreneurship anniversary yesterday, I created an acronym that describes my experiences in terms of what it takes to be an “uncommon” person, one who is willing to do whatever it takes to see his/her dream accomplished:

Unique blend of humility and ambition, i.e. the drive to excel without running over people.

pink-diamondNon-conforming to the boxes that society tries to put them in.

Courageous commitment that embraces sacrifice and supercedes convenience.

Optimistic expectations in the face of unrelenting challenges, i.e. passionate perseverance.

Maximum utilization of creativity, talents, skills, and resources.

Maximizing opportunities in the moment versus procrastinating.

Overcoming fear in order to accomplish great feats.

Never quit! Never stop believing! Never stop dreaming!

An uncommon attitude yields uncommon results. Dare to be UNCOMMON!

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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6 Strategies to Crush Complacency!

I’m in Guatemala City this week at the Guatemala Festival with Luis Palau for church and business leaders. It’s an incredible opportunity for me to connect with leaders and entrepreneurs I wouldn’t normally have a chance to interact with face to face. A side benefit of this week is that I also have the chance to break way outside of my normal daily routine. This thought lead me to focus this post on something that you and I need to be more intentional about completely eliminating from our lives – complacency.

in-a-rutComplacency is something that we all deal with from time to time. Unfortunately, for some people it becomes a lifestyle. They get stuck in a rut that seems nearly impossible to climb out of.

Multiple reasons could lead to this state of “stuckness”, including fatigue from fighting life’s battles, difficulties dealing with rejection, or just not having found a special motivation.

Regardless of the reason, if you are stuck in a rut of complacency, like most things in life the choice is up to you to get out of it. You can either choose to stay in that same predicament and complain as life passes you by, or you can do something to alter your situation.

I was able to come to Guatemala to change my routine this week. However, you may not be able to radically change your environment like I was able to. So here’s 6 strategies that you can use to climb out of that complacency rut:

  1. Find something to fight for that has meaning and purpose. Purposelessness is probably one of biggest contributors to complacency. It hard to fight and be lazy at the same time. Sometimes fighting for someone else’s issues is more of a motivator than fighting for your own.
  2. Do something that brings you joy. (Re)Discover your passion. Identify what motivates you and then start doing it. You don’t have to try to save the world. Just start in your circle of influence.
  3. Quit eating mental junk food. Continually taking in media and conversations with people that contribute to feelings of apathy, negativity and laziness will just prolong your occupancy in the rut. It you want to think healthy, you must partake only of things that are positive, encouraging, and motivational.
  4. Connect with people who have a love for life. Complacency loves company, so connect with some enthusiastic people who are making progress in their lives. Their enthusiasm can be contagious.
  5. Break your current routine. Don’t expect changes in your circumstances if you’re not willing to do anything different. Take a risk. Challenge yourself to do things you haven’t done before.
  6. Start speaking positive and uplifting words. You increase the difficulty of getting out of your current situation by the negative words that you speak. The most positive words that you can speak are found in the Bible, especially in terms of what God has has promised for your life. However, it would be hard for you to believe what He has said about you if you don’t have a relationship with Him… hmmm (another post for another day :))

You must fight passionately and persistently to climb out of the chasm of complacency. Because as long as you’re breathing, there’s somebody out there who can benefit from you and that you can benefit from. Life is too short to be complacent. Go do something worthwhile!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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Divine Redesign

artistSo many people today are struggling to live a fulfilling, meaningful life. Their struggles are often tied to their inability to see and think beyond their current circumstances. They resign themselves to being “boxed-in”, feeling they have limited options and opportunities to change their lives. They let other people’s opinions and expectations keep them emotionally secluded in a place of fear, anxiety, guilt, malaise, irritation, and displeasure. Afraid to take risks, they stay stuck inside constraints that keep them from flourishing.

It’s time to break out of the box of mediocrity, complacency and dissatisfaction! To shift from flailing to flourishing, you need a divine redesign of your life. Redesigning your life starts with getting new blueprints from the Master Designer. Here are ten areas where His design expertise can upgrade your life:

  1. Seek God’s wisdom and purpose for your life. He has some incredible plans for you (Proverbs, 3:4, Jeremiah 29:11)!
  2. Dream BIG! Start dreaming about what could be and stop despairing about what’s not (1 Corinthians 2:8-9).
  3. Exercise your imagination more. Thinking ‘outside the box’ gives you the opportunity to redefine the box (Proverbs 8:12).
  4. Don’t let others’ opinions and expectations become constraints for your life. God’s opinion of you is the one that matters the most (Romans 8:31).
  5. Raise your expectations. Just because bad things happen in life doesn’t mean you have to walk around in fear (Psalm 112:7). Live courageously!
  6. Focus on solving problems rather than promoting them. Most of your challenges aren’t going to disappear overnight, so adjust the way you respond to them (Psalm 49:3, Romans 12:2).
  7. Invest yourself into others. You will reap what you sow into other people. However, don’t expect your harvest to come directly from those into whom you have sown (Galatians 6:7-8).
  8. Do something different. One definition of insanity is doing the same thing continuously, but expecting a different results. It’s time to crush complacency in your life (Proverbs 14:12).
  9. Make drastic changes if necessary. Break out of internal (emotional) and external (job, relationship, habits) boxes that are unhealthy or destructive (Matthew 9:17).

Key question: If you were standing on the outside of your life looking in, what would you tell yourself to start doing, stop doing, or do differently?

Seize the day, embrace a divine redesign, and start living the life you were meant to live!

Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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