Leave Your Old Luggage Behind

… one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before. I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.” Philippians 3:13-14

We’re into the second week of the New Year. How are your goals coming along? Does this year look any different than last year so far? Regardless of whether you have seen a big change or not, don’t get discouraged. Just because the calendar changed to a new year doesn’t mean your life has changed yet. True transformation takes time.

One thing I’ve had to challenge myself to do is not fall back into last year’s habits that were unproductive and unprofitable. Just like old luggage, things that are comfortable and familiar are often hard to let go of. But just like a piece of luggage with a hole in it, if you try to carry new ideas, opportunities, and resources using your old way of doing things into this new year, you will eventually lose them. And then you’ll end up repeating the same unfulfilling year just with a different number at the end of the date.

Getting to your next level in business or life is not an overnight process. Radical results may not come immediately, but if you keep doing the right things, the right things will happen for you. A fresh commitment to consistency will crush complacency and catapult you to success.

Happy New You!
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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10 for 10!

These days everyone has their list of the most memorable events,  people, products, etc. of the last year and decade. There’s also lists of predictions of what people think will happen in this coming year/decade. The only prediction I have is that if you do the same unproductive things in 2010 as you did in 2009, you will have the same unsatisfying results.

So here’s my list of 10 “ignition” items that will launch you to thrive in 2010…

  1. Love unconditionally
  2. Give passionately
  3. Serve selflessly
  4. Pray constantly
  5. Imagine incredibly
  6. Fight for those who can’t fight for themselves
  7. Communicate courageously
  8. Work purposefully
  9. Play joyfully
  10. Rest regularly

I’ll throw in a bonus #11 just for kicks…

11. Dream B.I.G. in 3D!

This list is a preview of a coming attraction. In February I will be initiating a 30 Day Dream B.I.G. Revolution for anyone who wants to see their life improve dramatically over the next 12 months. Stay tuned!

Dream B.I.G.,

Paul Wilson, Jr.

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