The Exponential Power of Cooperative Ambition

“One can chase a thousand and two can put ten thousand to flight.” ~ Deuteronomy 32:30

I feel very inspired right now. Earlier today I led the first session of a marketplace Bible study for some incredible leaders and entrepreneurs. The long-term potential of this group is even greater than I realized when God first gave me the idea to do it. Here are a few of my thoughts now that the first meeting is over…

Two (or more) minds are often better than just one. Achieving your dreams for you is uplifting, encouraging, and inspirational. However, partnering with others to achieve something unthinkable becomes legendary. As great as your ideas may be, they have the potential to be even much more robust and effective when you are able to combine them with other’s ideas. That’s innovation that makes a difference!

There are enough businesses out there for you to compete with each other. You need to find some entrepreneurs with whom you can complete each other. I call that coopetition.

I love this quote by Napoleon Hill…

“When TWO or MORE people coordinate in a spirit of HARMONY and work toward a definite OBJECTIVE or PURPOSE, they place themselves in position, through the alliance, to absorb POWER directly from the Great Storehouse of INFINITE INTELLIGENCE.”

Whether you call it a mastermind group, board of directors, dream team, or something else, there is great power in joining with other great thinkers in the pursuit of something far greater than what you could conquer on your own. “Lone Rangers” will eventually be strangers to success.

If you desire to maximize the potential of your time, talents and ideas, find some people with whom you can cooperatively pursue significant opportunities. Exponential results are awaiting your business!

Thrive on purpose,

Paul Wilson, Jr.


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Is Your Team Working For You?

If you are remotely interested in what’s been happening in the NBA over the past few days – or you have heard anything about a certain player with the initials LBJ – you are keenly aware that several teams are courting him to be their “savior”, hoping he will take them to the promise land of the championship. As hard as it might be for his new team’s fans to accept, it is not a foregone conclusion they will automatically win a championship trophy because he’s there.

Why? Because one superstar doesn’t make an entire team. A few good players with team chemistry will usually beat a team with a superstar (or even a few of them) that doesn’t have players who work well together. Coaches at every level will tell you that no matter how many great players you have, it’s team chemistry that makes the team successful.

Team chemistry is essentially everyone committing to a mutual goal, working hard together, getting along, and being willing to sacrifice their own glory for the benefit of the team. Team chemistry comes down to getting the job done while not caring who gets the credit when the team wins and accepting accountability when it loses.

Oversized egos have destroyed many teams, not just in sports, but also in businesses, churches, education, non-profits and community groups. Just because you hang around the same people all the time doesn’t make you a team. Don’t let your team be the next victim.

Looking for team building resources for your church, business, or other organization? Let’s talk. I have leadership and team development resources that would be great for your organization.

How is your current team working for you? What challenges do you have? How are you working through them?

Live B.I.G.!
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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Celebrate Your Inner Underdog!

“Championship teams are birthed from Championship DREAMS!”

You have to see the champion inside of you before the champion can come out of you. I explain more in the video…

Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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No Legs, No Sight, No Problem!

If you look around there is always someone that is worse off than you. If you keep looking there are others who are MUCH worse off than you. So what do you really have to complain about?

Complaining is a cancerous attitude. It slowly kills your faith, hopes, and dreams from the inside out.

Check out this incredibly inspirational story of two young high schoolers who refuse to complain about their situations or be denied their hopes and dreams. Instead they work together to encourage and energize one another to achieve seemingly improbable goals.

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Dream B.I.G.,
Paul Wilson, Jr.

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Thriving Unity

“Super Thrive Week” Series

Unity within a team, business, or family is not truly tested until adversity arrives on the scene. Even when adversity is expected it may be hard to resist the temptation to buckle to its demands, quit, or retreat.

Back in 1958, the University of Buffalo football team had an incredible opportunity to have their unity tested. This is an awesome story. Watch what happened…

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Sometimes it’s easy to do the right thing when there’s no outside pressure or benefits for doing the wrong thing. However it can be a totally different story when something significant can be lost as a result of choosing the right thing to do. That’s why it’s always inspiring to see people stand up for one another, especially in situations when you think they might do otherwise.

Check out what happened to the University of Buffalo football team nearly 50 years later…

If conflict fosters intimacy, then at your company, on your teams and in your family, let your adversity bring you closer together, not tear you apart. You will all learn to value one another more and grow together, benefiting everyone in the long run.

Thrive on Purpose,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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