Your Harvest of Joy Sown in Tears!

“Those who sow in tears will reap songs of joy.” ~ Psalm 126:5

I was reading this Psalm with my family last night and it impacted me deeply as I thought about all the people that I connect with who are striving to achieve something significant with their lives. This is just to encourage you that God sees your tears and he hears your unspoken fears. You are not forgotten. You are not alone. Your harvest of blessing is coming from the tears that you have sown.

Read Psalm 126. It is an incredibly encouraging reminder that God’s best for us is accompanied by His grace for us. Even when it doesn’t feel good, He is making it all work out for our good. Stay encouraged. Stay the course. And remember the tears of love, hope, perseverance, pain, and frustration that you’ve sown into your dreams and aspirations will reap a harvest of joy if you don’t give up. So don’t give up!!!

Sweet dreams,
Paul Wilson, Jr.


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